The Asian Aspects paintings are  inspired by my recollections of living in Asia for eight years and experiencing all the vibrant colors and sounds of  the various festivals  and celebrations in Hong Kong and China. Over a background filled with the abstract energy of vivid, clashing colors, rich bronze and stamped color, the dragon-like figures make their force known as they swoop, dance and fly across the paintings, just as the emperors of ancient China, whom the dragon came to symbolize over time, made their force known.

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Having a mutual love for China, I was eager to see Randi’s painting Jade Dragons, from the Asian Aspects series, in an alumni art show at our college reunion. Intrigued and impressed by Randi’s work, the movement of a similar Jade Dragon II now energizes our Minneapolis condo.
— Cindy Chapman



These paintings are inspired by a trip to South America, where I was filled with awe at the roaring, powerful energy of 287 waterfalls in one place — at the border Brazil and Argentina.

Moments of quiet and peaceful reflection in the setting of gentle evening snowfall proved to be pivotal in my life at three important junctures. In commissioning this painting I asked Randi to try and capture the serenity of these moments as well as the mystery and sense of potential, using Robert Frost’s ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’ as inspiration. The painting is beautiful and complex— it depicts a moment of stillness and peace before it’s time to reengage with daily life.
— Arielle Bourgart